Chilled Straight

blue cosmo
smirnoff citrus vodka, smirnoff blueberry vodka, blue curacao,
white cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, garnished with an orange peel

smirnoff pomegranate vodka, pama pomegranate liqueur, cranberry juice,
fresh lemon juice, garnished with blueberries and a sugar rim

dirty ceo
kettle one vodka, olive juice, bleu cheese-stuffed olives

key lime pie martini
smirnoff vanilla vodka, licor 43, milk, fresh lime juice,
garnished with a lime peel, lime shavings, and a graham cracker crust rim

decadent chocolate martini
smirnoff vanilla vodka, white and dark godiva chocolate liqueur,
half and half, garnished with chocolate shavings


Over Rocks

florida sunset 10.50
don julio silver tequila, luxardo maraschino liqueur, florida orange juice, grenadine, garnished with salt, lime wedge, and a cherry

coconut mojito 9.50
bacardi coconut rum, bacardi silver
rum, muddled limes, mint, coco lopez,
garnished with toasted coconut

mango mojito 10.50
bacardi mango rum, bacardi silver rum, mango puree, muddled limes, mint, soda water, garnished with a mango slice

whiskey peach 10.50
bulleit bourbon, peach schnapps,
finest call peach purée, garnished with an orange wedge

endless summer 10.50
malfy's con limon gin, fresh basil, simple

syrup, lemon wedge, soda water

pink drink 9.50
bitter truth pink gin, raspberries, mint, simple syrup, lime, fresh lemon juice, 

garnished with lemon wedge

moscow mule 9.50
russian standard platinum vodka,
muddled limes, ginger beer

tall, dark and stormy 10.50
kraken black spiced rum, fee brothers bitters, ginger beer

berry sangria 9.50
smirnoff peach vodka, pama pomegranate liqueur, cabernet, fresh berries, simple syrup, garnished with a strawberry

peach sangria 9.50
smirnoff peach vodka, peach schnapps, chardonnay, muddled strawberries, 

garnished with an orange and a cherry

blood orange margarita 9.50
don julio reposado, thatchers blood orange liquor, simple syrup, sour, lime, 

garnished with salt rim and lime

blueberry smash 10.50
kettle one vodka, st. germain
elderflower liqueur, muddled lemon,
lime, blueberries, and mint

huckelberry fizz 9.50
smirnoff blueberry vodka, smirnoff vodka, huckleberry simple syrup, soda water, garnished with blueberries and lemon twist

tommy collins 10.50
nolet's gin, st. germain elderflower liqueur, sour mix, soda, muddled cucumber, lemon and lime, garnished with a cucumber wedge and a cherry